Political correctness

Political correctness frightens me.

It represents an impoverishment of thought.

I don’t want ignorant people speaking or acting on my behalf.

I’m Maori, I know who I am and what matters – but I’m not ashamed of my English heritage, the “white side of my family” or the so-called ‘Pakeha’ education I’ve received; nothing beats a good quality, traditional university education.

And I take my education seriously.

I will never take half arsed, vaguely presented views about assumed Pakeha racism and Colonisation seriously at all.

You want to have a serious talk with me about beliefs like racism and e.g. processes of Colonisation in a civil way with me face to face? No problem – let’s go and have a cuppa tea and a chat.

In any case, life is short, I could drop dead any day now – and so could you.

I’d prefer it if we ended up being friends who disagree than foes or worse, enemies, who didn’t even try to understand each another.

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