ADHD addled manic depressive nut with osteoarthritis of the hips goes off in Wellington central

Two weeks ago, a snazzy looking corporate attired tart; a dragon lady of about thirty something, booted her car into a park I was reversing into and blocked me from backing in.

I should have left and driven on but I got out of my car and glared at her. She glared at me and kept tooting her horn. She wanted me to move forward so she could take the park.

I went back to my car and sat without moving. All indignant and haughty.

Her tooting got faster and seemed to get louder. A parking officer came along and told me to move on. I wouldn’t move. She said she would write out a ticket. I moved on. After finding a park two city blocks away, I got out of the car, didn’t feed the meter and began the long limp to my destination. By now I was very anxious and I burst into tears; tragic and all, hee hee…hee. It really was just “one of those things”; a bit of bad luck.

Anyway, I limped all the way to the place that I was going to park in, right outside my destination.

Dragon lady was there, with the parking officer, they didn’t look at me but I could hear them laughing. I became paranoid. I was in physical pain and my mind was racing. Unfortunately, I imagined that the two creeps were gossiping about me. I felt particularly slighted by the fact that the parking officer was joining in on the conversation. Then I started. I began hurling the worst abuse at both of them including the ‘c’ word. Yes, that one, along with F this and F that and S that – and so on. I am not sure of the order. I do remember tears gushing as I was hurling. I saw them move away with heads down, not saying anything. I convinced myself that they were mocking me. Two weeks on, I still don’t know whether that was the case.

I’ve turned out a few similar outbursts over the years. These are destructive and awkward and they can be frightening for all concerned. I expect my episodes might be both terrifying and amusing to some people. Maybe, eventually, even sad to some folks as well. Anyway, for a few seconds I kind of lost consciousness until the end of the loopy rant, which is when I immediately felt grief and indignity.

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