Hello, I’m Seann. I worry about my country a lot so I’m using this site as a place to practice writing about those worries. Much of my writing is ‘stream of consciousness’ chattering – for now – and I’m OK with that – for now. On this Blog you will read mostly about education and mostly in the New Zealand context. Although much of my writing and thinking will be based on my own and others’ experience, I won’t just offer personal opinion. I will ensure that everything I write can be backed up with credible sources – and links to those sources. My Blog is called “Good Man Bad Boy” to reflect how I see the world and how I act in the world. You’ll pick up the meaning as you read along. For now just read, think and respond. I really like thoughtful responses – people who I can engage with whether we agree with each other or not. I prefer to live in a thinking, fearless and responsive community – both online and offline.